Can Armodafinil be used to treat menopause-related fatigue? Nuvigil Uses

Armodafinil, sold under the brand name Nuvigil, is a cognitive enhancer or a wakefulness-promoting agent used to treat excessive sleepiness arising due to sleep-related disorders like narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. It can also help sleep issues arising due to shift work sleep disorder.
But whether or not armodafinil can be used to treat menopause-related fatigue is not known. This post discusses the uses of armodafinil for women, along with its side effects and the precautions to take.

Use of Armodafinil for women

A recent study conducted by the Center of Women’s Mental Health provided preliminary evidence that armodafinil can be used to improve menopause-related fatigue. It can also improve the quality of life by acting on disturbances like mood disorders, insomnia, and executive functioning. Though no Nuvigil uses for anxiety and pain were discovered, it was found to be helpful in women suffering from menopause-related fatigue.

How to use Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is an oral medication, so take it by mouth. If you buy Nuvigil online for narcolepsy or sleep apnea, take this medication once every morning. In the case of shift work sleep disorder, armodafinil for women should be taken 1 hour before starting the shift. For obstructive sleep apnea, you can combine armodafinil with the CPAP or mouth device unless your doctor instructs you to stop.

Suddenly stopping armodafinil for women can lead to withdrawal symptoms, like chills, sweating, nausea, confusion, and vomiting. The same goes for increasing the dose abruptly. Reduce or increase the dosage as your doctor tells.

Side Effects of Armodafinil

Some common side effects of armodafinil are:

• Headache
• Dry mouth
• Dizziness
• Nervousness
• Difficulty sleeping

These side effects are common and don’t require medical help. Usually, these symptoms go away in some time. But if they don’t or worsen, get medical help.

Some serious side effects of armodafinil can also occur. These include:

• Chest pain
• Fever
• Swollen lymph nodes
• Rash/itching
• Swelling
• Trouble breathing
• Severe dizziness

Precautions to Take

Underlying conditions and allergies can amplify the risk of adverse events of armodafinil. Therefore, tell your doctor if you are allergic to armodafinil, modafinil, or other cognitive enhancer meds before buying Nuvigil cash on delivery. Also, inform your doctor if you are suffering from any medical conditions, like:

• Heart problems, like chest pain, heart attack, irregular heartbeat
• High blood pressure
• Liver problems like fatty liver, liver cirrhosis
• Substance use disorder

Keep in mind that though armodafinil helps you stay awake, you may not be able to do tasks with your original efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid doing tasks that require high levels of alertness, like driving and operating machinery.

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