Nicip 100mg

Does Nicip 100 mg used as an anti-inflammatory drug to treat pain and fever?

Nicip 100mg is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication with a brief duration of action (NSAID). Acute pain treatment, osteoarthritis symptom reduction, and primary dysmenorrhoea are all approved indications in adolescents and adults over the age of 12. The active ingredient in the Nicip 100mg tablet is a combination of nimesulide and paracetamol, thus you may also buy Nicip 100mg online. It has a multifactorial action mechanism with a rapid onset. It works by inhibiting the release of chemical messengers that cause inflammation and discomfort. One of the potential side effects of Nicip 100mg is liver damage. Use this medication only as directed by your doctor, and do not exceed the authorized dosage.

Benefits of Nicip 100mg

Nicip 100mg Tablet is an analgesic used to ease aches and pains. It prevents the brain from producing chemical messengers that alert us to the existence of pain. It is effective for headaches, migraines, nerve pain, toothaches, sore throats, menstruation issues, arthritis, and muscle aches. This drug is commonly administered and has few side effects when used correctly.

Take it exactly as instructed to get the most out of it. Take no more or for any longer than is absolutely necessary, as this can be dangerous. In general, the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration possible should be employed.


Adults should take 100mg of Nicip twice a day, after meals. For youngsters, the usual dose is 100mg twice a day. The maximum daily dose of Nicip for adults is 100mg twice per day. This medication is widely used for 15 days to treat acute pain, 15 days to treat painful swelling in the joints (painful osteoarthritis), and 15 days to treat pain associated with menstrual cycles (primary dysmenorrhoea). This medication has no known habit-forming properties.

Dose omitted

Nicip 100mg is typically used only when absolutely essential. If you take the medication on a daily basis, you can take the missed dose as soon as feasible. If the next scheduled dose is coming up, skip the missed dose.


An overdose of this medication may cause liver and other important organ damage. If you suspect you’ve taken too much, contact your doctor immediately away. Skin rashes, severe stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, seizures, and a reduction in blood pressure should all be reported to a doctor as soon as possible after taking this medication.

Side Effects of Nicip 100mg

The following adverse effects are typical in elderly people who use Nicip Tablet. Consult your doctor if any of the following side effects persist or are severe:

  • kidney function abnormalities
  • heart abnormalities liver damage
  • bowel rupture, stomach bleeding, and intestinal bleeding

When using Nicip Tablet, the following serious adverse effects are possible:

Symptoms of liver problems include liver damage.

Your doctor has prescribed this medication because they believe the benefit outweighs the risk of side effects. Many people who take this medication do not experience major adverse effects. This page does not provide an exhaustive list of all potential adverse effects.

If you encounter adverse effects or detect other side effects not listed above, consult your doctor. Side effects can also be reported to your local food and drug administration authority.

Check the following conditions before purchasing Nicip 100mg pill online:

Do not use the Nicip 100 mg tablet if you are allergic to paracetamol, nimesulide, or any of the other ingredients.

  • If you’ve ever had liver damage from anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin (Nimesulide).
  • If you have a history of stomach bleeding, ulcers, or inflammation of the stomach lining.
  • If you are having problems with blood clotting or bleeding.
  • If you have a liver or kidney problem, or if you have a serious heart condition.
  • If you use excessive amounts of alcohol or have any form of addiction or substance abuse condition.
  • If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as a fever, chills, or shivering.

If you are expecting or breastfeeding a child.

Warnings about the usage of Nicip 100mg

Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the near future should not use nimesulide. This medication has the potential to harm an unborn child, particularly if taken during the third trimester of pregnancy. Before purchasing Nicip 100mg COD online, see your doctor and weigh the benefits and risks.

This medication should not be administered to a breastfed baby. Nimesulide should be avoided due to a lack of clear evidence from scientific research. Before taking this medication, see your doctor.

Nicip should be used with caution because it has the potential to cause intestinal haemorrhage. Any illness that causes stomach or intestine bleeding should be reported to a doctor as soon as feasible.

Nimesulide might have mild to severe side effects on the liver and kidneys. If you have a heart or valve disease, you should use nicip 100 mg pill with caution. Any such incident should be reported to a doctor as soon as feasible.

You face the risk of getting stomach problems if you drink alcohol while taking Nicip Tablet.

If you’re taking this medication for an extended period of time, your doctor may want to monitor your kidney function, liver function, and blood component levels on a regular basis.

Consult your doctor about the following warnings:

You are experiencing symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, and weakness. These signs could point to significant liver damage.

  • Stop taking the medication if you have black, tarry stools or vomit blood.
  • As you get older, your chances of experiencing negative impacts increase.
  • You have difficulties with your liver, kidneys, or heart.
  • You’ve previously suffered stomach or intestine ulcers.

You will be expected to perform any upcoming operation.

Long-term usage of this prescription is not advised due to the increased risk of heart disease and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Is Nimesulide harmful to dogs?

Nimesulide is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that acts fast. Acute pain, osteoarthritis symptomatic therapy, and primary dysmenorrhoea in adolescents and adults over the age of 12 are all approved indications. You can also take Nicip 100 mg tab, which contains Nimesulide and Paracetamol. It has a multifactorial action mechanism and a quick commencement of effect. It acts by inhibiting the release of chemical messengers responsible for inflammation and discomfort. One of the possible negative effects is liver damage.

Order Nicip 100mg Online

Nicip 100mg tablets are available at any online pharmacy. Select the most reputable and trustworthy online pharmacy that provides a diverse choice of drugs. If you use a website, you can log in at any time and get your medication as quickly as feasible. If you do not wish to pay in advance, select Nicip COD. It is the most secure method of ordering Nicip 100mg online.